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December 2020

The succession of Albert Davidson

The new administration transited to a new ownership of Albert Davidson’s industries. The goal was to keep the sustainability of the company and to continue to respond to the needs of his customers. Mr. Davidson continues to be involved in the company.

Honorary President: Albert Davidson

President / CEO: François Edger-Sauvé
450-682-9023 * 222

Vice-President of operations: Alain Pinard
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Partner: Marcio Sturmer

Administration and accounting: Gabriel Clermont-Cloutier
450-682-9023 * 226
October 2020

House of Commons of Canada

ADI is recognized by the House of Commons of Canada for its involvement in the fight against Covid-19 through donations to hospitals and the manufacturing presence for the fans project. We are honored for the acknowledgment of our hard work by our government, especially in times of uncertainty. Fortunately, we have a great team who were able to respect deadlines and sanitary measures all at the same time. Thank you!
September 2020

Digital Press CNC

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, ADI creates small medical pieces with the help of a new CNC digital press. A Baykal 4’ press that will respond to many clients’ needs. Another equipment added to our inventory!
June 2020

CAE AIR 1 : Fans

ADI participates and shares its manufacturing expertise in the design of aluminum components for the CAE AIR 1 project, a movement initiated by CAE to produce more than 10,000 fans. Once again, we were able to develop the product and do the tests in a short amount of time. During this pandemic, our employees had to work with the sanitary measures in place and still respect the projects’ deadlines. Our team exceeded the expectations and were able to create prototypes and to send them in production rapidly after. Another project accomplished!
February 2020

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Dunamis

ADI and his president were shortlisted for the Dunamis 2020 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. After many years of hard work, through continuing education and the desire to achieve new goals, ADI and his president was honored to be recognized for its efforts.
January 2020

Seam Welder aquisition

In January, the company got equipped with a seam welder in order to respond to a new client needs in the food processing industry. The machinery is a product made in California and it allows us to take finishing and polishing to the next level.
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