Stainless steel
Custom parts

First of all, our workshop is entirely dedicated to custom manufacturing and specializes in stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and other special alloys.

The production of simple parts such as laser cutting are very common at ADI. Nonetheless, we also produce high complexity parts over a very short period of time. Understanding how to manufacture custom parts is built on a combination of experience. For example, we are not easily discouraged whether your project is a small medical rack to a multi-story dust collector. We are willing to take a challenge.

The ease and presence of mind link to our team’s hardwork makes it possible to mount solutions to complex problems. Through the process of customizing pieces, we can provide support and participate in the design of your project to meet your needs or simply produce your required assembly.

Stainless Steel Products

Here are the 5 main categories of services offered by ADI. We offer a broad range of services for any project made of stainless steel.
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