3D planning of custom
stainless steel parts

Adi is known for the planning and layout of stainless steel and aluminum products. One of our strength is to turn ideas into finish goods. However, the training and planning come from expertise in Solidwork and AutoCad. Plus, the preparation of workshop plans, concepts and prototypes are built right here at our factory. An establishment of manufacturing expertise makes it possible to validate the principles and the possibilities of production.

An idea on paper may be a viable concept However, the feasibility of ADI's general knowledge and the combined expertise of over 40 years of manufacturing bring this idea to an extended level which will exceed our client’s expectations.

Nevertheless, an idea without a plan cannot be produced. It is the combination of understanding stainless steel and its characteristics combined with ideas that enables this concept to be executed. Our team is available to guide our client’s needs in order to create their vision.

Stainless Steel Products

Here are the 5 main categories of services offered by ADI. We offer a broad range of services for any project made of stainless steel.
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