Stainless steel
Laser cutting

ADI carries a 4000 W laser. This machine is a combination from Amada and Fanuc : two well-renowned brands. This useful tool is made out of a 60 inches by 120 inches interchangeable table with exclusively stainless steel supports. These supports allow us to guarantee a non-contamination of the finished parts.

We have created a practice of right on time in order to serve our customers and our internal needs. This principle brings us a flexibility and creates an availability to deliver in less than 24 hours. This method offers a great service for our customers and with the right tools, such as this 4000 W laser, we are able to do so.

The spectrum of laser cutting starts at 30 ga (.020) to 1 inch thick in stainless steel. This capacity allows us to be a leader for both urgent and less urgent needs and projects. Our philosophy for great partnership allows many entrepreneurs to save costs since we are always working in collaboration with them. Plus, our clients enjoy our flexibility to be a one stop shop: our laser cut parts can be bent, rolled, welded and polished. There are infinite possibilities and all these services joined by our priority for great customer service bring confidence and a peaceful mind to our clients.

Stainless Steel Products

Here are the 5 main categories of services offered by ADI. We offer a broad range of services for any project made of stainless steel.
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